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Is this the End???

NAW!!! Of course it's not! Don't be silly!

Well people, here's the situation; I no longer have the time nor the interest into making my little yet oh so empty place on the internet into an Outer Senshi shrine since... Erm... Let's just say since I am not as fanatic as I used to be about Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon and the four Queen-Goddesses known as the Outer Senshi. So, as of May 3rd, 2002, Divine Blue is officially ending his short existence as an Outer Senshi shrine.


As soon as I start trying to learn html again (haven't given up on this, yet), this oh! so darned empty site will become a collective of my personal artworks, both graphical and textual (AKA pics 'n' stories), and maybe other things... I have not decided yet... Anyway!

Stay tuned, minna, and do not despair; your favourite pepsi-aholic tomboy will not let this place die. Meanwhile, continue chatting on my guestbook and let my little Haruka-sama icon-thingy keep you company.

"Ahem... Err..."

May the... huh... cheese be with you?!

Warm hugs and fuzzies,
Gaby :p

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